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MECO moves energy

  • The world needs more energy every day. Besides the effective and efficient distribution of energy, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy generation is of central interest. Furthermore consumers focus more and more on aspects such as mobility, flexibility and independence.
  • To meet these needs comprehensively and provide you with a maximum of reliability and security of supply, MECO ENERGIES cooperates exclusively with selected and considerable manufacturers. It goes without saying that we provide turnkey and customized projects from a single source.



It is our goal to provide customers a maximum amount of flexibility and profitability by offering innovative products and concepts. Individual needs are taken into account by us in the same way as general requirements for sustainability and environmental compatibility.

We will also react openly and creatively to upcoming requirements and needs of our customers and markets. Innovation and tradition are not a contradiction for us, but form the base of our actions and therefore also for pioneering and reliable products.


  • Our businesses range from consulting and conception, to delivery, installation and maintenance of power plants of all kinds. We can revert to a more than 40 years' experience in the field of medium and low voltage equipment.
  • 2007 Foundation of the company MECO ELECTRIC
    Business areas Low and medium voltage switchgears, transformers, emergency power and UPS-units, as well as installation materials.
  • 2009 Foundation of the company MECO ELECTRIC LLC in Abu Dhabi
    Business areas Originally traditional energy supply and energy distribution. However, we increased our activities in the fields of renewable energies, such as photovoltaic and wind energy over the past years.
  • 2015 Foundation of the company MECO ENERGIES
    Business areas Consistent continuation and concentration of all previous activities in the area of renewable energies.

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