A stand-alone hybrid power system harnessing solar energy and wind power

Our energy container can be used for grid-connected, as well as off-grid operations and therefore has potential for numerous applications. The standard version of the modular system has a peak power output of 10 kWp and generates 40 kWh of energy per day on average. In combination with an additional ground-mounted PV system, the performance can be easily increased up to 30 kWp.

Variety of applications

Rural areas
Disaster Management
Oil & Gas
Remote facilities

One of the biggest advantages of our mECOgenerator is the fact that it can be easily installed at almost any desired location. As all the required components are stored in the container, set-up time can be reduced to a minimum and relocation becomes very easy. Once the system is installed, the mECOgenerator supplies uninterrupted clean energy with low maintenance requirements.

Clean energy for areas without grid connection. Especially in rural areas energy container can guarantee an independent and secure energy supply. For electrical basic supply one container is sufficient. If the demand increases, several containers can be interconnected to a small island network and thus provide a greater number of consumers.

Reliable power for mobile applications. Thanks to the various renewable energy sources – solar, wind and battery storage – a very high security of supply is already guaranteed. Additional security can be reached by integration of an optional diesel generator. Equipped with an automatic start / stop function we can assure an uninterrupted power supply.

Instant help for affected areas. Since all central components are preinstalled in the container, just the PV system has to be installed and the container is ready for use. After the end of the assistance operations, the system is quickly and easily stowed in the container.

Continuous power supply for remote locations. Especially when exploring potential new sites in an industrial environment, of the energy container is a real alternative to conventional diesel generators. Once installed, there will be no extra costs such as for fossil fuels and their transport.

Efficient solutions for off-grid applications. From simple cabins in the Alps to a luxurious villa on a desert island – the mECOgenerator can be configured for almost any application.

Reliable power for critical applications. The mECOgenerator is not only characterized by its effortless transportation. The system is ready for use within a few hours and can be erected and dismantled as often as required.

The container – Heart of the system


The interior of the container can be seen as the heart of the mECOgenerator. All required components, such as inverters, monitoring system, or the main distribution board are factory installed and ready to use. Only cables coming from the photovoltaic or the wind power system have to be connected. All system parts and components are perfectly matched to one another and work accurately and reliably, even in demanding environments. For this reason, we offer a 10 years warranty for the PV system and the battery system and 5 years warranty for inverters and the main distribution board. The PV mounting system and the wind turbine can be mounted quickly and easily to the appropriate points on the container. The substructure of the PV panels also functions as a supporting structure for the entire container. Therefore additional soil compaction is not necessary. A level surface is sufficient enough.

System components

Solar panels
Wind power station
Energy storage

A 20-foot ISO sea cargo container is the basis for the mECOgenerator. All necessary components, ranging from the PV system to inverters and mounting materials, are stowed in the container upon delivery. Due to the standardized dimensions of the container, it can be conveniently shipped worldwide by vessel, rail or truck. Inverter, control cabinet or an optional energy management system are factory pre-mounted. A sophisticated support structure made of galvanized steel serves both, as a support for the PV panels and ensures the statics of the entire system. In this way, the container can be placed safely and quickly without additional foundation works.

In standard version the energy container is equipped with a 10 kWp PV system. This PV system is mounted on a special sub-structure. In order to keep the assembly time to a minimum, all the holes and mounting points are already factory prepared. If the power demand rises, the system can be extended by an additional ground-mounted PV system. In this way, the system performance can be increased to up to 30 kWp.

In addition to the photovoltaic system, a vertical wind turbine can be integrated optionally. With an output of 1.7 kWp, the windmill can support the total energy production significantly, especially during nighttime or in periods of low sunlight. The system scores with quick and easy installation works and low start-up speed of only 2 m/s. A vertical wind turbine also has the advantage that it works regardless of the wind direction. Thus it does not have to align to changing wind conditions.

The container can be equipped with a latest generation modular battery storage system. Its central function is to ensure a basic supply during the nighttime and during bad weather conditions. The storage capacity can be expanded in steps of 1.2 kWh according to individual requirements. With a guaranteed lifetime of 10,000 cycles or 15 years in off-grid operation mode, the lithium-ion storage is one of the most powerful and most durable products available on the market.

In order to increase the security of supply, the system can be equipped with a highly efficient 5.0 kW diesel generator. The unit is completely integrated into the overall control and comes on automatically when required, e.g. for charging the battery storage or for directly serving greater electrical loads. Thus a secure and uninterrupted power supply can be guaranteed, especially with regard to critical applications.

System variety

Standard version
Hybrid version
Solar+ version
  • 20 ft. ISO container
  • 10 kWp roof-mounted solar system
  • Inverters, distribution board and outgoing feeders preinstalled in the container
  • Upon delivery all components are packed in the container
  • Average daily output: 40 kWh
  • 20 ft. ISO container
  • 9.5 kWp roof-mounted solar system
  • 1.7 kWP wind power station
  • Inverters, distribution board and outgoing feeders preinstalled in the container
  • Upon delivery all components are packed in the container
  • Average daily output: 50 kWh
  • 20 ft. ISO container
  • 10 kWp roof-mounted solar system
  • 20 kWp ground-mounted solar system
  • Inverters, distribution board and outgoing feeders preinstalled in the container
  • Upon delivery all components are packed in the container
  • Average daily output: 120 kWh

Electrical connection


In mains parallel operation, the generated electricity can be consumed directly – surplus energy can be fed into the public grid. In this operation mode, the mECOgenerator also serves as a back-up unit in the event of a power-grid failure. Due its integrated electronic mains switching device we can assure an uninterrupted and reliable power supply.

In standard off-grid operation mode the mECOgenerator serves as a standalone power generator. Electrical consumers can be connected directly to preinstalled outgoing feeders of the container. The power supply can be realized as a single-phase or three-phase system. Energy supply during nighttime is assured by a high performance battery system, which can be supported by additional power sources, like a diesel generator set.

The mECOgenerator can also be used to supply electricity to several off-grid units. In this mini-grid configuration, serveral consumers and containers are connected and work as a single standalone grid. By connecting several containers, the security of supply is increasing and battery capacities can be reduced due to the resulting diversity factor.


System advantages

  • Mobile and self-sufficient energy container
  • 100% off-grid suitability
  • No fuel costs (without diesel generator)
  • No CO2 emissions (without diesel generator)
  • Easy transportation & Quick installation
  • All components stored in the container upon delivery
  • Intelligent control system incl. remote control
  • Modular battery storage system
  • Diesel generator incl. UPS function optionally